Discover the Essentials of Retirement Planning That Most Retirees Haven't Considered

Holistic Financial Planning for the Next Phase of Your Life

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve saved. You’ve sacrificed. You’ve budgeted carefully, and now the end goal is in sight: Retirement. But what comes next? How can you guarantee that the money you’ve worked so hard to save will last as long as you need it?

Our popular webinar, Walking You Through an Example Retirement Plan, demonstrates what a true holistic retirement plan looks like by mapping out:

  • When you should begin taking money out of your accounts
  • Determining how much you can afford to withdrawal
  • How to time your withdrawals to minimize taxes 

The answer to these questions — and many other financial concerns — can be found by having a holistic plan that maps out the next 30 years of your retirement. And you'll get a glimpse into exactly what that can look like.

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Kirk Cassidy, Lead Financial Instructor

Kirk teaches how proper tax planning can help increase asset performance and reduce the chances of retirees outliving their money without taking on greater risk. Through his asset allocation model — which integrates guaranteed advanced income planning, wealth management, tax-minimization strategies, long-term care planning and legacy planning — you will learn how to set up the type of retirement you've always dreamed of. Kirk is also an advisors at a financial services firm which was recently recognized as one of the 500 Best Financial Advisory Firms by USA Today.